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Ray & Mali Nakhai,

Founders of Maliís Place Inc.

Maliís Place has been providing personalized care since 1996, which makes it the first elderly care facility home being in business in Camarillo.

Maliís Place is owned and operated by Ray & Mali Nakhai.

Ray Nakhai has a Bachelor of Science in Radiology with over 30 years of experience.

Mali Nakhai is a certified registered nurse with 30 years of experience in acute care, rehab, and geriatric psych.†

We are able to give constant care and attention to each of our care home residents.

We have three residential assisted living facilities side by side in Camarillo. (Camarillo is located between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara in Southern California)


Maliís Place Inc.

Mali's Place Inc.†††† since 1996


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